Anando Chatterji

Anando Chatterji is CEO and Co-Founder of the Hank Nunn Institute in Bengaluru, India. He has a background in philosophy, having worked in a residential therapeutic community for people with severe psychological problems for 14 years, mostly as an individual and a group therapist. Anando has an interest in understanding behaviours and emotions in a social context which shapes his views about mental health and about psychotherapy.

He co-founded Hank Nunn Institute in 2014 with an aim to create and alternate to the predominant bio-medical approach to diagnosis and treatment of psychological distress. Anando is an associate staff member of the community of communities (RCPsych UK) and the living learning experience workshops. He has led four of these workshops in India. Anando currently train, supervise and work with people individually and in groups and have an interest in complex traumas and histories and the role of culture in psychotherapy.

He is passionate about looking at group processes combining with earth processes as parts of the therapy experience to help open up access to mental health.