Dina Mendonça

Dina Mendonça (Ph.D. University of South Carolina, USA, 2003) researches on Philosophy of Emotions and Philosophy for Children at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.


Her current research is focused on the application the Situated Approach to Emotions, which takes emotions as dynamic and active situational occurrences (Mendonça 2012) to Ethics and Decision Making. This research of Deweyan inspiration aims at elaborating a critical interpretation of the philosophy of emotions clarifying different methodological and philosophical approaches to emotions, as well as identifying the key issues and problems for emotion (for example, paradox of Fiction, shared emotions, etc.) and further complexities of our emotional world (for example, variability of valence of emotion, meta-emotional processes, etc.) (Mendonça 2013, 2014).


She is the author of several papers on emotion theory and, in addition, promotes and creates original material for application of philosophy to all schooling stages, and as an aid in the creative processes. Being the author of the book “Brincar a Pensar? Manual de Filosofia para Crianças” (Toying with thinking? Manual of Philosophy for Children), which is the outcome of three years work with Kindergarden teacher Maria João Lourenço, she has worked with many different educational settings such as doing sessions in Escola Voz do Operário (2005-2012), Escola Criativa with Serviço Cultural e Educativo of Câmara de Cascais (2006-2014); Project 10×10 in Gulbenkian (2012-2014).