Robert Clowes

Robert Clowes (Ph.D. University of Sussex, 2008) works as a researcher and invited auxiliary professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His current research investigates the implications o (4E) Embodied, Embedded, Extended and Enactive philosophy and cognitive science for our understanding of mind and how it is to be explained. Especially his work focuses on assessing and developing the claims about 4E cognitive science such that they clarify our understanding of the human mind, cognition and reasoning in their ecological context. A special current focus is upon developing analytical frameworks that to understand the cognitive, agentive and epistemic implications of the Internet.


Clowes directs the Lisbon Mind & Reasoning Group which is one of two sub-sections of the ArgLab dealing which specializes in investigating and of cognition, mind, reasoning in a 4E context.


His most important papers include Representation Redux (2016), The Cognitive Integration of E-Memory (2013) and the monograph Minds Online (2017).